Who Let

The Dogs Out

Over the Summer we combined two of our favourite things. Ice Cream and Dogs.

Join us on the thrilling journey we took this Summer across the United Kingdom, from the picturesque tip of Scotland to the scenic depths of England. Our collaboration with Pets at Home was nothing short of paw some as we embarked on a captivating Summer brand tour.

Picture this: our vibrant, fully branded ice cream van pulled up at ten tour locations where we served up over 3000 delicious doggy ice creams, leaving tails wagging with joy. Not to mention, our generosity knew no bounds as we showered attendees with a treasure trove of Pets at Home bounceback vouchers.

But wait, there’s more! Our furry friends weren’t the only ones reveling in the fun. Pups brought along their beloved hoomans, who seized the opportunity to discover how to keep their four-legged companions safe under the sun’s warm embrace. What’s more, they eagerly jumped on board the Pets at Home loyalty scheme bandwagon, opening a world of exciting possibilities for pet lovers and their adorable sidekicks.

We’re committed to delivering even more tail-waggingly unforgettable tours for our wonderful clients.

Anyone ready for Santa Paws?