The dreamiest

Instagrammable installs you ever did see

Strike A Pose….

Did we tell you that we now design, make and install the dreamiest Instagrammable installs you ever did see and proper head-turning props?

Purposely designed, purpose built and made to be snapped, tagged and shared on our clients’ social media platforms. An engaging and eye catching backdrop or immersive installation is fast becoming a must-have at every retail place and shopping space around the country.

Something Instagrammably regal and royal perhaps for the King’s Coronation? How about a big and bright Spring into Summer backdrop? Or a paw-tastic prop that’s going to get tails wagging at your venue?

For a fresh collab with your vision in mind or a mood board filled with fresh ideas – whatever your challenge, we can help. We design and dress the most fabulous florally phone boxes, we install stunning alternative seating spaces and big, bold beautiful balloon creations to amplify any event and fill a spot!

If you have a space that is a little lack lustre, let us inject something interesting, sprinkle a little moo magic and dream up, design, build, and install a gorgeous creation just for you.


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