The Eden Eco Elves

– Christmas Treecycle

The most sustainable Christmas grotto you ever did see and where children’s dreams sprouted with joy!


For Christmas 2023, we introduced a brand-new all sustainable Christmas experience at Eden, the Christmas treecycle. Where every part of the grotto build, the Christmas presents, the costumes and even the decorations were recycled, up cycled or second hand. Not a bit of single use plastic in sight!
The journey started with a story from Mrs Claus, telling stories of how sustainable Santa and the elves are at the North Pole!
Children picked a magic festive bean and with the help of Mrs Claus and the Eco Elves, they popped their bean into a pot and into our magic Christmas tree machine. Whizz. Pop. Bang! They pulled the lever and the magic bean transformed into a baby real Christmas tree. Children then used recycled crafting materials to make their own decorations for their tree.
Children were given all the know-how on how to plant their baby Christmas trees after the festive season to give them their second life or bring their baby trees back to the grotto (to be replanted at the Xmas tree farm) in January in exchange for exclusive retailer offers.
An extra eco-Christmas experience that was greener than the grinch and super sustainable in every way.
The Christmas treecycle delivered results that had all other Christmas grottos green with envy:
🌲 We sold a whopping 2245 tickets and the last week of opening was fully booked every day
🌲 The crews costumes were 100% created and stitched with all Recycled second use shirts, skirts and old material
🌲 No to artificial! The Christmas experience entrance wreath design was created from 100% all natural pampas and real Christmas tree.
🌲 Over 10,000 recycled Xmas decorations were made for the mini trees
🌲 The eco-experience generated over £5k income.
🌲 Every festive tree that didn’t get used (plus over 30 Christmas trees that children returned in January) were re-planted this month at a Welsh Christmas tree farm, so all ready to dig up and re-use for Xmas β€˜24. Hurrah!