Empty Space Solutions

How do we solve a problem like an empty unit?


Let’s start off by trying really hard not to see the half-empty malls and shopping schemes but instead to look at them more as half-full opportunities to bring something different to shopping centres, town squares, retail parks and high streets in 2024.

What a great time to change the retail-scape as we know it and turn the mundane into magical new spaces and places where we combat loneliness and where communities engage, socially connect and have more conversations.

Not sure how you’d fund something like this? We’ll bring a solution where we’ll fill one or more of your empty units with something wholesomely wonderful for a period of occupation of six weeks, which in turn triggers an entitlement to a further three-month period of relief from empty rate liability. What a win-win!

No permanent fixes found here. Moo & Goo offer a mix of pop-up innovative community, arts, sports, networking and sustainable solutions that create green shoots of regeneration for your empty spaces and places.

The big take out is this.

Embracing change and new solutions to the problem of an empty unit is a no brainer. Now is the time where Primark, a pop-up community art gallery, Wagamama, a clothes swap shop, Starbucks and a knit and natter club can thrive together and create something pretty awesome that puts people centric to all it all.

Let’s do this! We’d love to help you save on business rates and banish those boring hoardings and empty units. Email us today hello@mooandgoo.com