On Your Marks…

On your marks! Are you ready for your 2024 Big Summer Adventure?


As the warm weather rolls in, we’re thrilled to unveil a lineup of fresh and exciting events and experiences designed to make summer at your scheme, one to remember.


From a 10m balloon filled pool party, an Olympic sporting Summer to an all-new kids high wire experience, My Summer Adventure offers something for everyone. With the biggest range of Summer events for guests of all ages and schemes of all sizes, the possibilities are endless!


So why wait? Grab your sunscreen, gather up your Marketing team and get ready to embark on your very own summer adventure with Moo & Goo.


Want some inspiration? We’ve got you! Email hello@mooandgoo.com and let us share with you all the 2024 Summer smashers and let’s make this summer medal winning!



Birmingham Dogs Home

Moo & Goo are proud to shout from the rooftops that we are now platinum patrons of Birmingham Dogs Home, an organisation that tirelessly cares for stray, abandoned, and relinquished dogs from across the West Midlands and South Staffordshire, providing them with around-the-clock support and love.

At Birmingham Dogs Home they truly believe that every dog matters! Their dedicated teams work tirelessly, facing emotional and challenging situations every day to bring relief and help to every dog in need.

The organisation relies on the boundless generosity and unwavering support of the public and local benefactors to sustain its vital mission – “At Birmingham Dogs Home, our mission is clear – to provide unwavering care for dogs in need. The support we receive from our community is paramount to our ability to rescue and rehome abandoned dogs, ensuring they find the love and care they deserve”.

As passionate pet lovers, we believe in giving back to those who give us unconditional love and joy every day. Birmingham Dogs Home shares our commitment to providing a safe haven and finding loving homes for dogs in need. By supporting this wonderful organisation, we’re not only helping to improve the lives of dogs in our community but also spreading awareness about the importance of adoption and responsible pet ownership.

By booking your event with us, you will be supporting a ‘pawsome’ charity that’s close to our hearts. As part of our commitment to giving back, we will be donating 4% from every event booking directly to Birmingham Dogs Home. Thank you for choosing Moo & Goo and being a part of this incredible journey.


Empty Space Solutions

How do we solve a problem like an empty unit?


Let’s start off by trying really hard not to see the half-empty malls and shopping schemes but instead to look at them more as half-full opportunities to bring something different to shopping centres, town squares, retail parks and high streets in 2024.

What a great time to change the retail-scape as we know it and turn the mundane into magical new spaces and places where we combat loneliness and where communities engage, socially connect and have more conversations.

Not sure how you’d fund something like this? We’ll bring a solution where we’ll fill one or more of your empty units with something wholesomely wonderful for a period of occupation of six weeks, which in turn triggers an entitlement to a further three-month period of relief from empty rate liability. What a win-win!

No permanent fixes found here. Moo & Goo offer a mix of pop-up innovative community, arts, sports, networking and sustainable solutions that create green shoots of regeneration for your empty spaces and places.

The big take out is this.

Embracing change and new solutions to the problem of an empty unit is a no brainer. Now is the time where Primark, a pop-up community art gallery, Wagamama, a clothes swap shop, Starbucks and a knit and natter club can thrive together and create something pretty awesome that puts people centric to all it all.

Let’s do this! We’d love to help you save on business rates and banish those boring hoardings and empty units. Email us today hello@mooandgoo.com



Lunar New Year


Step into the Year of The Dragon with Lunar New Year Giveaways!

We celebrated the Lunar New Year in style this February, surprising and delighting shoppers at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet.  Our dressed to impress concierge donned their red and gold uniform and gave out over 600 lucky red envelopes to guests as they shopped. Traditionally, red envelopes are gifted between family and friends on Lunar New Year, these are filled with money and symbolise wishes and good luck for the year ahead. Well, our shoppers certainly felt lucky when they opened envelopes to find discounts and vouchers for their shopping trip.

Hanging above in the trees were dozens of red lanterns and under the aerial installation our traditional Chinese Lion roamed the mall, meeting, greeting and taking photos with guests. It’s bright and colourful oranges and yellows stood out against the winter backdrop, creating a real show stopper and encouraging guests and retailers to interact with and celebrate the Lunar New Year no matter their background.

Whether it’s the year of the rat, ox, monkey or pig we have the enlivenment to surprise, delight and bring in the Lunar New Year with celebration at your scheme – enquire today at hello@mooandgoo.com to lock in your favourite acts and enlivenment!






Toy Shop

Ho Ho Ho……..

With a sprinkle of Moo magic Santa’s Toy Shop landed at The Glades Bromley.


Children were welcomed into the Toy Shop walking in past giant nutcrackers, toy block stacks and shelves piled high with toys and gifts galore. Once they’d cuddled up to the biggest and cuddliest teddy bear in the land, they settled down at the letter writing stations to get to work with the important task of letting Santa know what they were dreaming about this festive season and posting it in the cheery red post box. Families were springing through the entrance for this free event as not only did the children get to write a letter to Santa they got to meet this big man in red himself and receive an early Christmas treat – for being extra nice this year! Settled on his throne in front of his magical toy book Santa took his time with each child to ask them their Christmas wishes and get a lovely family photo.


Santa’s Toy Shop was inclusive and accessible to all families offering a free festive experience at this hectic and expensive time of year, the impact of this was astounding – creating large footfall and increased dwell time whilst families spent some quality time together with Santa and his joyful elves. Throughout the festive period the Toy Shop was brought to life with visits from different roaming characters, adding to the festive magic as children met their favourite characters including the Grinch, ice princesses and roaming gingerbread men.


We aim to bring festive themes and dreams to retailers and shoppers, with the hundreds of smiling faces at Santa’s Toy Shop we achieved our Christmas mission at The Glades. Delivering events filled with wonder and joy so families can be brought closer together, promote community spirit and spread cheer during the holiday season!





Winter Social


Last Christmas, Moo & Goo delivered three weeks of festive fun with a big sustainable theme over three of British Land’s London Campuses at Paddington, Broadgate and Regents Place.


Our goal was to bring together the campus community with both weekly hands-on craft workshops and a big Christmas party at each location. Tennants became cocktail masters in shaken not stirred classes, festive wreath makers and their presents were looking sustainably awesome with recycled wrapping paper workshops. The lucky workers and residents on each campus enjoyed 52 workshops over three weeks all based in our eco wooden sets made from recycled and upcycled materials. Leaving each time with a new friend, new skills and a big smile.


The three weeks of festive fun were wrapped up with a bow as each campus had an opportunity to step into Santa’s Sustainable Speakeasy where the drinks and canapes were flowing, our gospel choir filled the room with festive soul, and everyone enjoyed a treat from our s’mores bar and edible balloon machine – yes you read that right, edible balloons that tasted just like freshly baked cookies!


At an Everyman Cinema our final activation for British Land saw a showing of the Christmas classic Home Alone. As guests took their seats with free drinks in hand they had a feast on popcorn and snuggled under our blankets. After the showing we then donated these blankets to a homeless charity in time for Christmas.






Ski School

Let’s Hit The Slopes….


Amidst the glistening snow-capped mountains of the North Pole, Santa’s Ski School recently wrapped up its most enchanting season yet, captivating little wannabe-skiers with an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, learning, and festive magic.

From the moment children arrived at our interactive event, they were greeted by the whimsical charm of Santa’s Ski School, where bespoke ski props awaited their eager hands. Donning their goggles and clutching their ski poles, they embarked on an exhilarating journey led by none other than Santa himself and his merry band of elves.

The highlight of the event was an interactive workshop like no other, where children slalomed through a winter wonderland displayed on a giant screen. Amidst gingerbread men and candy canes, they giggled and cheered as they dodged snowballs hurled by the mischievous abominable snowman. With every twist and turn, they honed their skiing skills under the guidance of Santa and his skilled elves, their laughter echoing through the shopping centre.

But Santa’s Ski School wasn’t just about thrills and spills—it was about inclusivity and accessibility for all too. Each morning, special SEND sessions were held, offering a reduced sensory experience tailored to the unique needs of every child. From calming lights to gentle music, every detail was carefully crafted to ensure a welcoming environment for all.For those who required it, a wheelchair-accessible sleigh awaited, ensuring that every child could partake in the snowy adventures with ease. Pre-event, a SEND-friendly introductory video and tour also provided a glimpse into the magic awaiting them, easing any anxieties and setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

As the event came to a close, rosy-cheeked and beaming with joy, children bid farewell to Santa and his merry crew with brand new ski skills all learnt alongside fellow frosty adventurers.

Where will Santa’s Ski Season take him in 2024?



The Eden Eco Elves

– Christmas Treecycle

The most sustainable Christmas grotto you ever did see and where children’s dreams sprouted with joy!


For Christmas 2023, we introduced a brand-new all sustainable Christmas experience at Eden, the Christmas treecycle. Where every part of the grotto build, the Christmas presents, the costumes and even the decorations were recycled, up cycled or second hand. Not a bit of single use plastic in sight!
The journey started with a story from Mrs Claus, telling stories of how sustainable Santa and the elves are at the North Pole!
Children picked a magic festive bean and with the help of Mrs Claus and the Eco Elves, they popped their bean into a pot and into our magic Christmas tree machine. Whizz. Pop. Bang! They pulled the lever and the magic bean transformed into a baby real Christmas tree. Children then used recycled crafting materials to make their own decorations for their tree.
Children were given all the know-how on how to plant their baby Christmas trees after the festive season to give them their second life or bring their baby trees back to the grotto (to be replanted at the Xmas tree farm) in January in exchange for exclusive retailer offers.
An extra eco-Christmas experience that was greener than the grinch and super sustainable in every way.
The Christmas treecycle delivered results that had all other Christmas grottos green with envy:
🌲 We sold a whopping 2245 tickets and the last week of opening was fully booked every day
🌲 The crews costumes were 100% created and stitched with all Recycled second use shirts, skirts and old material
🌲 No to artificial! The Christmas experience entrance wreath design was created from 100% all natural pampas and real Christmas tree.
🌲 Over 10,000 recycled Xmas decorations were made for the mini trees
🌲 The eco-experience generated over £5k income.
🌲 Every festive tree that didn’t get used (plus over 30 Christmas trees that children returned in January) were re-planted this month at a Welsh Christmas tree farm, so all ready to dig up and re-use for Xmas ‘24. Hurrah!



Who Let

The Dogs Out

Over the Summer we combined two of our favourite things. Ice Cream and Dogs.

Join us on the thrilling journey we took this Summer across the United Kingdom, from the picturesque tip of Scotland to the scenic depths of England. Our collaboration with Pets at Home was nothing short of paw some as we embarked on a captivating Summer brand tour.

Picture this: our vibrant, fully branded ice cream van pulled up at ten tour locations where we served up over 3000 delicious doggy ice creams, leaving tails wagging with joy. Not to mention, our generosity knew no bounds as we showered attendees with a treasure trove of Pets at Home bounceback vouchers.

But wait, there’s more! Our furry friends weren’t the only ones reveling in the fun. Pups brought along their beloved hoomans, who seized the opportunity to discover how to keep their four-legged companions safe under the sun’s warm embrace. What’s more, they eagerly jumped on board the Pets at Home loyalty scheme bandwagon, opening a world of exciting possibilities for pet lovers and their adorable sidekicks.

We’re committed to delivering even more tail-waggingly unforgettable tours for our wonderful clients.

Anyone ready for Santa Paws?





Autism Accreditation

We are super proud to announce that we have achieved the Autism Friendly Award! YAY!!

Here at Moo & Goo we believe that our events should be accessible to all! So all children can meet Santa, enjoy some spookiness at Halloween or get hands on and crafty at all our events throughout the year.

Achieving this Autism Accreditation is a wonderful step in our ongoing commitment to making incredible inclusive events. It recognises that as a company we work hard to consider the key difficulties that autistic people may experience when they attend the events we offer and that we act to address these by offering our clients a range of different elements that create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

If you’d like to find out more about what we offer drop us an email at hello@mooandgoo.com

The National Autistic Society said……


‘Events and activities are offered to autistic people which help them enjoy your facilities with calming or no music, quiet time, chilled zone, more space, bespoke quiet activities and sensory packs.’

‘Moo and Goo events are accessible for autistic people and their families and Moo and Goo show a willingness to work in partnership with clients to achieve this goal.’