Accessible for all

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There is nothing more important to our Moo & Goo crew than delivering an event or experience that is super SEND friendly and accessible for all. We want everyone to experience what we do and the events that our clients put on for their wonderful guests.

As a business, we put SEND at the heart of every idea to ensure we have at least one accessible session or workshop a day.

We want all families who visit our events to create memories that they can cherish, so we do small things and big things to make our SEND sessions just right for every guest. Turning off the music for quiet hour, no flashing lights to create a calm and peaceful environment, creating smaller group sessions, providing sign language and Braille boards and even creating bespoke zones where children can learn and engage through sensory play.

To ensure that each and every SEND guest has a memorable experience of meeting Santa, we went a step further with our SEND Santa story sessions at Fremlin Walk in 2022. Our brilliant bunch of BSL trained elves were sat next to Santa, signing along to each and every story session, making them the most accessible and magical Christmas story times around and receiving so many heart-felt comments and feedback each day.