Santa breakfasts

What does Santa eat for breakfast? Frosted flakes of course! He’s partial to a bit of a singsong at breakfast now too.

The start

Our elves don’t just create grottos, they create lots of magical interactive experiences such as our Singalong Santa Breakfasts too.

The middle

Santa and his elves give out breakfast boxes, table activities and presents galore before singing Christmas classics that are guaranteed to get all little elves up on their feet. Breakfast with Santa has been such a hit it is now into it’s 5th consecutive year at Broadway Bradford and many other shopping centres.

The end

Santa breakfasts are a sell out every year. Tickets are £5 per child and are swapped for a Broadway Bradford £5 gift card on Santa singalong day so we guarantee 100% attendance and every penny made goes straight back into the tills of the retailers.

Fa la la la laaaaaa, do you want a Santa that sings this Christmas? Let us know and we’ll get the carol-list compiled and the event booked in for you.