Done Digitally

Live events meet social engagement campaigns.

The Brief

Lockdown saw our clients move from physical experiences to all-social engagement. As live events started to return in 2021, a middle-ground solution was needed to communicate to shoppers but still in a sensitive way.

The Magic

The Moo & Goo merrymakers created a series of part social, part live experiences where people could engage online to win visits from our performance teams as well as prizes for all the family.

The Wins

We designed and rolled out Santa’s Special Delivery Service – where people voted on social media for friends and family to receive magical doorstep present deliveries from Santa Claus himself – and DeliverBOO, which saw Wanda the Witch making stops on her broomstick to trick (but mainly treat) shoppers within each centre’s catchment area. It was witch-tastic! These cohesive half-social / half-live campaigns attracted 1000’s of entries and created lots of happy winners!


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