Hop N Putt

Hop, Swing and Putt into Easter at our pastel Hop n Putt mini golf course!

The Brief

Our client at The Glades, Bromley wanted some Easter family fun that will drive footfall and increase dwell time, all wrapped up in a beautiful Easter themed event. Families often struggle trying to fill the Easter holidays with affordable activities, so our client wanted to offer something free that everyone can get involved with whilst drawing them into the centre and getting those tills ringing.

We came up with a few different options including new concepts such as The Bunny Hop Shop, however, with the proven track record our Mini Golf events bringing in amazing numbers and appealing to all the family we came to the conclusion that this was the best fit for our client.




The Magic

Mini golf is always a crowd pleaser with Mums, Dads, Nans and Gramps getting involved with the kids, no one is too old to give a round of mini golf a miss. We wanted to add extra interaction to a standard mini golf course and devised additional elements such as The Bunny Ball Bounce and a final obstacle ball drop to add or minus points

Pretty in pastel – we redesigned our golf course to be all pastel with different geometric and bunny themed pastel obstacles and an eye catching entrance. Our amazing staff looked the part in their bunny themed dungarees, upcycling a sustainable clothing brand items and giving them a new life.


The Wins

In two days we had an AMAZING 1440 mini golf meisters come and have a go at the golf, with 620 on the first  day and 820 on the second. For a two day event these numbers are incredible!

With nonstop queues all day our friendly easter bunny Bertie and his chaperone entertained waiting customers, handing out adorable easter bunny chocolates and get some memorable snaps. Our mini golfers chomped their way through 600 chocolate lollies!

Upcycling, sustainability & inclusivity – We always focus on sustainability with our events, with this in mind we snazzed up some sustainable dungarees for our staff and gave them a second life, we reused and up cycled props changing them to work with the new themes and we had wheelchair friendly clubs available.