Pets At Home

PAWling Station

Calling all four legged, furry, treat loving “mans best friend” time to cast your vote at the Pets At Home PAWling Station! 🐾

The Brief

The votes have been counted and verified and the nations favourite dog treat has been found! Dogs of Worcestershire spent voting day at our Pets at Home PAWling Station as we travelled around the local area in the hunt of the most favourable dog treat! We feel our dogs’ opinions are just as important as the humans of the UK and a fun way to get man’s (and woman’s) best friend involved in one of the biggest PAW-litical days of the year for our country!




The Magic

We battled the elements of the Great British summertime equipped with 6 colour coded dog bowls in the main political party colours of course and filled with 6 varieties of Pets at Home’s most popular doggie treats! No dog was too big, no dog too small, all wagging tails were welcome to cast their vote. With our Treat Tracker on board, we tallied up the numbers throughout the day to see which one was the winner.

The Wins

Drum roll please….. The treats have been scoffed by our furry four legged friends and the nations favourite treat is the Beef Rolls by a clear margin! Followed in second place by the Gravy Bones and third place was tied between the Puppy Biscuits and Salmon Burgers. Our voters munched their way through boxes of treats and the feedback we received from the pet owners was super positive – “This is brilliant! It is so nice to do something fun on such a serious day”


Dog Events

Who Let The Dogs Out….

The Brief

Whiteley Shopping Centre held their annual doggie day welcoming all our furry four legged family members into the centre!

Doggie Day was back and barkier than ever with a larger agility course, more competitions, caricature artist, paw print station and beautiful rosette giveaways and spot prizes!

We LOVE creating these PAW-some Dog Events!




The Magic

We expanded our original dog agility course to allow more room for activity and even more fluffy friends to have a go at once. Using bright colours across the event created an eye-catching set with beautiful tassel bunting hanging overhead as the dogs showed off their tricks. An all new Doggie Day branded backdrop created the perfect spot for winners to step up on the podiums for a snap.

Our brilliant host encourage sign ups for our friendly competitions such as Cutest Puppy, Best in Agility and Scruffiest Mutt – everyone stayed and played all day long to get involved in the competitions.

Our caricature artist and Paw Print Station attracted all dog owners and encouraged donations to the chosen charity, The Guide Dogs. It was a paw-fect day!

The Wins

It was a wonderful puppy filled day with:​​

  •  5 hours of dog fun and games including: 45 dog rosette winners, treats and mini rosettes for spot prize winners.
  •  100s of attempts at the free play agility course.
  •  Our caricature artist drew around 48 puppies and captured the paw prints of over 50 doggos. ​
  •  The most popular events were Waggiest Tail, Loveliest Lady and Cutest Puppy.​
  • Whiteley Shopping Centre wanting to go even bigger next year, so keep your eyes open for more dog focused fun!

The Big

Bunny Balloon Pit

Bounce, Bop and Pop into the Big Bunny Balloon Pit!

The Brief

Metrocentre wanted an all new, all egg-citing Easter concept that offered something unique to draw in the crowds this Easter. That looked aesthetic and super snappable for that social content.

We donned our bunny ears, put our heads together and dreamt up exactly that – The Big Bunny Balloon Pit. All new to market our balloon pits say goodbye to the been there, done that ball pit and levels it up a notch.




The Magic

Say a big hello to our brand new Balloon Pit, an 8m netted circle filled to the brim with brightly coloured balloons ready to bounce, swirl and spin as excited bunnies play. Families entered through a beautiful pastel balloon arch, stored their shoes and coats in numbered boxes and then entered the balloon pit over the style with help from our staff.

Once inside the joy erupted  as smiling children bopped balloons and hunted for the hidden egg for a prize. Creating the perfect spring backdrop our stunning floral archway created the perfect selfie spot and framed the event space perfectly – this can be edited and changed to suit all themes from the Polar Plunge to Pool Party and Witches Cauldron.


The Wins

The Big Bunny Balloon Pit was a ticketed event with all profit going to Pawz for Thought an amazing animal rescue, rehoming and rehabilitation charity. The event sold out within the first couple days with 1181 tickets flying out.

The ticket page had over 9000 views suggesting plenty more shoppers wanted to attend. We raised over £1300 for the charity and had hundreds of smiling faces – a big win all round!






Hop N Putt

Hop, Swing and Putt into Easter at our pastel Hop n Putt mini golf course!

The Brief

Our client at The Glades, Bromley wanted some Easter family fun that will drive footfall and increase dwell time, all wrapped up in a beautiful Easter themed event. Families often struggle trying to fill the Easter holidays with affordable activities, so our client wanted to offer something free that everyone can get involved with whilst drawing them into the centre and getting those tills ringing.

We came up with a few different options including new concepts such as The Bunny Hop Shop, however, with the proven track record our Mini Golf events bringing in amazing numbers and appealing to all the family we came to the conclusion that this was the best fit for our client.




The Magic

Mini golf is always a crowd pleaser with Mums, Dads, Nans and Gramps getting involved with the kids, no one is too old to give a round of mini golf a miss. We wanted to add extra interaction to a standard mini golf course and devised additional elements such as The Bunny Ball Bounce and a final obstacle ball drop to add or minus points

Pretty in pastel – we redesigned our golf course to be all pastel with different geometric and bunny themed pastel obstacles and an eye catching entrance. Our amazing staff looked the part in their bunny themed dungarees, upcycling a sustainable clothing brand items and giving them a new life.


The Wins

In two days we had an AMAZING 1440 mini golf meisters come and have a go at the golf, with 620 on the first  day and 820 on the second. For a two day event these numbers are incredible!

With nonstop queues all day our friendly easter bunny Bertie and his chaperone entertained waiting customers, handing out adorable easter bunny chocolates and get some memorable snaps. Our mini golfers chomped their way through 600 chocolate lollies!

Upcycling, sustainability & inclusivity – We always focus on sustainability with our events, with this in mind we snazzed up some sustainable dungarees for our staff and gave them a second life, we reused and up cycled props changing them to work with the new themes and we had wheelchair friendly clubs available.





School Swap Shop –

Behind The Scenes

The Power of Giving – Donate Your Old School Uniform

The Brief


Imagine your child outgrowing their school uniform at an astonishing pace, or perhaps they’ve moved on to a new school with a different dress code. What do you do with the old uniforms that are still in good condition? For many, the answer might be to toss them in the back of the wardrobe, or, unfortunately even in the bin. However, as part of our School Shop initiative we are offering the opportunity for kind individuals to transform these unused uniforms into a lifeline for families in need. At the heart of this campaign is a simple yet powerful concept: encourage people to donate their old school uniforms. Ealing Broadway, acting as the central hub for this initiative, set up donation bins for uniform in good condition. These could be uniforms that children have outgrown or those that are no longer needed due to school changes. The response from the community was nothing short of astounding!



The Magic


From Donations to a Free Shop: Redefining Sustainability

Once the donations were collected, we took the campaign a step further by setting up a bespoke FREE school uniform shop. This shop became a beacon of hope for families struggling to make ends meet. Shopper were invited to visit the free shop and select second-hand uniforms for their children, completely free of charge. The impact of this campaign goes beyond easing the financial burden on families. It promotes a culture of sustainability by extending the lifecycle of school uniforms that might otherwise end up in landfills. These uniforms are often made to high quality standards, and by reusing them, we reduce the demand for new clothing production, thereby decreasing the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and distribution


The Wins


Promoting Environmental Sustainability

The Ealing Broadway School Shop campaign was not just about helping families in need; it’s also a testament to the power of collective action in addressing environmental concerns. Here’s how this campaign contributes to our Environmental Sustainability Objectives here at Moo & Goo:

1. Reduction of Textile Waste: By giving old uniforms a second life, this campaign actively reduces the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills. Textiles are a major contributor to environmental degradation and reusing them helps mitigate this issue.

2. Lower Carbon Footprint: The production of new clothing items requires significant energy and resources. Reusing uniforms helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with the fashion industry.

3. Community Engagement: The campaign fostered a sense of community and responsibility towards the environment. It shows that by working together, we can make a positive impact on both our wallets and the planet


Join the ‘Moo’-vement –  The success of the Swap Shop has already inspired similar initiatives such as the Spook-tacular Halloween Costume Swap Shop and the Christmas Jumper Swap Shop. It’s a reminder that small acts of kindness and sustainability can have a ripple effect, making a big difference in people’s lives and in the fight against climate change.

The School Shop is a shining example of how a community can come together to address both economic and environmental challenges. By donating old school uniforms, you not only help families in need but also contribute to a more sustainable future for all. Let’s make our world a better place – one uniform at a time! Reach out



Sustainable Westfield Summer

Ocean Explorers assemble! This was the biggest sustainable family install and events experience that a shopping centre has ever seen.

The Brief

Westfield London – Europe’s biggest shopping centre – gave us a brief to deliver the most sustainable family Summer project they’ve ever had and an eco-install the size of a small football pitch.

The Magic

This was our Senior Event Manager Leanne’s favourite brief to work on ever! From start to finish, this all-green event was bursting with sustainable crafty days, games and planet friendly experiences on an epic scale.

The Wins

A giant sustainable set installation featured a 20-foot recycled plastic turtle hanging from the atrium, 18 jam packed days of eco family fun and saw over 2,700 families come be part of the action in Summer 2022.

Is your retail space ready to get sustainably super this year? Reach out and we’ll help you get greener than ever before.

All aboard

The Wizarding Express

An epic steam filled Summer of Wizardry and wonder that promised to get plenty of wands-a-waving

The start

Struggling to compete with regional family Summer holiday venues, we approached Severn Valley Railway with an all-new creative concept that we knew every muggle and their mum would turn up to!

The middle

A spellbinding 4-weeks of Summer events on the trains and at the engine house that saw epic train rides, broomstick riding lessons, live herbology classes and magical wand waving a plenty.

The end

Our mesmerising campaign sold out within 48 hours, generated a +60% YoY increase in bookings and received 100% reviews all round on TripAdvisor. Expeliarmus!

We can conjure up amazing experiential ideas for brands of all shapes and sizes. Just get in touch today and we’ll get our cauldrons bubbling.

The Jubilant Jubilee

A royal celebration fit for the queen in the heart of London.

The Brief

A brief from Westfield to help their family events stand out over the busiest weekend in London town. We needed one big jubilant jubilee weekend of events and we think we did her maj proud!

The Magic

The sun shone and red, white and blue bunting filled the air as we brought a right regal Jubilee celebration to Westfield. No boring crown making classes here thank you ma’am. A supersize screen to watch the Jubilee events, a fairground carousel to delight the crowds and hand-made wooden royal hobby horses were carved for decorating at a bespoke jubilee derby on the green.

The Wins

It was standing room only and family footfall was up 48% for the weekend with over 160 children designing and riding their hobby horses over the finish line across the weekend.

Is your shopping space ready for the King’s Coronation? We’re all ears so get in touch today and we can put on something super special for the big weekend.


Sorting office

Little elves sorted, wrapped and stacked presents with Santa through this interactive Christmas sorting office experience.

The Brief

With no room for a grotto on the mall but a void unit that needed to be transformed into something extra special, we were asked to drive festive family footfall at Ashford McArthurGlen Outlet Centre.

The Magic

The Moo & Goo crew worked their magic to design, build, install and dress the most magical Christmas grotto that we knew would even knock Santa’s snowy socks off!

The Wins

Santa’s sorting office grotto was sold out for all 35 days it was open, attracting 4,134 visitors and raising over £1,000 for the centre’s charity.

Are you ready to HO HO HO and get your Christmas experience designed ready for Santa season? Send a note to the Moo North Pole HQ today.

The Big

Bunny Bake Off

Bakers ready? A tasty week of family bake off events with our head judge Bertie Bunny.

The Brief

Delivering a family footfall-driving event for the North East’s biggest shopping mall, Metrocentre, which kept everyone staying and spending longer over the Easter holidays.

The Magic

Not a soggy bottom in sight at this week-long, new to market kids event. We built a Bunny Bake-off tent, complete with mini workstations which was home to nine cake-based make (not bake) sessions per day. Kids created flowerpot muffins, brownie bakes and the kookiest of cookies around. The Easter bunny judged all bakes and everyone was a star baker of course!

The Wins

A whopping 1,520 children booked on the big week, family dwell increased by +40 minutes per visit and footfall was up +11% YOY.

Hop to it without delay if you want the Easter bunny at your events today!