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About us .

We are the dreamers, curators and deliverers of truly awesome events, performances and experiences.

From the humble kitchen table of our founder to our now much bigger Moo crew of creative event managers, costume makers, performers and artists, all beavering away at Moo HQ in sunny Worcestershire.

You’ll find us in shopping spaces and vibrant spaces. We have clients as far north as Stirling in Scotland and as far south as Plymouth.

We’re a fun loving bunch, we love what we do and making magic happen.

The mover, the groover, the shaker and the maker of Moo & Goo, Kelly is the creative driving force behind the magical goings on at Moo HQ. When she’s not working away, she’s a full-time cocktail slurping, disco dancing, soccer mom!
Kelly Founder
A Moo veteran, Leanne is the dreamer, themer and schemer of some of Moo & Goo’s most wild and wonderful event concepts. When she’s in her natural habitat Leanne can be found at the bottom of the deepest oceans and the top of the tallest mountains!
Leanne Senior Event Account Manager
Our resident fashionista, serial online-shopper and our postman’s bestest buddy, Charlotte is our go-to-gal for all things fashion and beauty! When she’s not touring the country as Westlife’s number one fan, she can be found with a pencil in hand doodling, sketching, and creating.
Charlotte Events Account Manager
The mini but mighty Milly packs a Social Media punch with her quick witted Insta captions and proposal writing prowess. A social butterfly on and off the screen, she can be found munchin’ and brunchin’ at the trendiest hot spots in town.
Milly Marketing & Events Assistant
With brains and brawn, Liam is the Jaffa Cake fuelled muscles and mastermind behind Moo & Goo’s super sets and UK wide logistics. As a certified Scuba Diver, lover of dogs and avid nature photographer Liam loves nothing more than the great outdoors!
Liam Warehouse & Logistics Manager
Never seen without a crazy costume and in kooky character, Helen the Pilates master, is our number one onsite Event Manager. With clipboard in hand you’ll see her hop, skippin’ and’a jumpin’ around stacks of our Kids events; exploring jungles, sailing pirate ships and soaring through space!
Helen Lead Onsite Event Manager (AKA Chief Elf)
Still a puppy at heart and lover of a snuggle, Cookie can often be found sitting around at the desk during team brain-storming sessions and putting her two bones worth into marketing and event proposals!
Cookie Office Stress Counsellor
Snaffler of treats, fetcher of balls and purveyor of all things squeaky, Albus Dumblepaws is our latest doggy addition to the Moo Crew. With a nose for adventure and the lanky legs to boot, he is Cookie's mischievous office sidekick and partner in crime!
Albus Assistant to the Office Stress Counsellor